Coronavirus Credit Resources

A disease outbreak like the Coronavirus pandemic can impact all aspects of life. While people must focus on their health and safety first, they should also consider potential impacts on their financial health, including their FICO Scores. Here you will find information FICO created to help you prepare in case the outbreak disrupts your financial health.

Education Articles

Protecting My Credit During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Important information to help you protect your financial health in light of the pandemic

FICO® Score Checklist for Coronavirus

This FICO®┬áScore Checklist for Coronavirus can help you prepare in case the outbreak disrupts your life and finances.

How Loan Deferral Options Can Protect Your Credit Health

Meet Frank and Jill as they work to protect their credit health in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Overview of Coronavirus Financial Relief Programs

A list of resources to help you navigate through the numerous relief programs

Deferring Loan Payments During Coronavirus

Forbearance, deferred payment plan — get a deeper understanding of what these terms mean and how they work

Deferred Loan Payback Options When Coronavirus Ends

You'll likely be expected to pay the deferred amounts once the temporary program ends. Gain an understanding of potential repayment options.

The Coronavirus Aid Package and Protecting Your Credit

Make sense of Section 4021 of the CARES Act intended to help ensure that coronavirus credit relief programs don't negatively impact a person's credit.

Keeping Watch Over Your Identity During the Pandemic

Tips to protect sensitive data about your identity from fraudsters

FICO Score Changes Can Vary Widely Depending on Your Credit Profile

See how five people with different FICO Scores could see their scores impacted by a range of credit events.