Your FICO Score Can Help You Realize Your Financial Dreams - infographic


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Understanding Your FICO Score Can Help You Realize Your Financial Dreams

There are three steps to building credit, as described in these three columns. The first column represents the step to LEARN about your FICO Score. The more you know, the more empowered you are to make better financial decisions. Understanding how your actions impact your score can help you make more educated financial decisions. Take the first step and check your FICO Score today!

From learning, one can PLAN, the second step toward a good credit foundation is represented in the second column. Establishing a budget, lowering a debt, or setting any financial objective are all recommended action plans towards a good FICO Score. One way to get started on a plan is to work with your bank to build a financial plan that best fits your needs.

Once a plan has been created, it's time to EXECUTE, represented in the third column as the third step to achieving good credit. Explore your financial institution's website and start your journey towards your dream FICO Score. The perseverance and patience you invest today will bring great satisfaction in the future. By executing, you will be on your way to taking care of your financial self.